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Hello, folks! Looking for the best betting sites in the UK? Lucky for you, it’s your favourite online casino website creator Stacy here! With me you never get tired of the same old, same old, as I am famous for having a habit of spicing things up! It is like I am this crazily hot herb or seasoning that adds a lot of extra flavour and persona to your food. So no, I am not your average salt, pepper or even tabasco—I am something a lot more exciting a unique! I make always strive to make your reading experience super worthwhile!

Best betting sites in the UK


Get £10 free bet on slots

Betfair is one of the worlds best sports books, but they also have a great casino. Try it yourself and see what I mean.


100% up to £300 + 30 extra spins

One of the most popular casinos in the United Kingdom. Massive game collection and big sports section.


100% up to £300 + 20 free spins

Casumo is one of my favourite casinos. Great game selection, bonuses and wagering requirements.


100% up to £100 + 50 extra spins

Great UK casino with loads of slot machines from multiple game providers.


Get 110 free spins without wagering

BGO is not the most fancy of casinos, but it does however do the trick. Good game supply and wager free spins. Not much to compain about.

888 Casino

100% up to £100

888 is a classic casino site with many years worth of experience running an online casino in the United Kingdom. Great choice for anyone looking for a good place to play.

This time I will be talking about something very different from what I usually talk about. That thing is online sports betting, which is actually very near and dear to my heart. I once used to date a bloke who was very much into football, and it just so happens that this moron (sorry, wasn’t the most amicable of break-ups in the history of relationships gone awry) got me into sports betting before we eventually ended up going our separate ways. Even though he was an inconsiderate buffoon, it is a good thing he left me with something like this instead of something worse.

People who love sports should know that once you go betting, you can never get to getting any more. In other words, it might be hard for you to enjoy sports without betting on them after you have done so for a while. Otherwise, you will feel strangely ambiguous even when your favourite club finally wins. It is like “Of course they win now that I did not place a bet on them!” So yeah, sports betting very well end up being for life, so you better think about it a wee bit before you actually go jumping in!

Best thing about online sports betting

While casino slots are pretty much innocent fun independent from everything else that you do in your life, the best betting sites out there will let you combine your two hobbies: watching sports and partaking in the entertaining act of gambling! Thus, you could consider betting as something that you do on the side—a kind of a cool add-on to something that is already pleasurable in its own right. You do not even need to learn something new as you will only be putting some wagers on the things that you would want to see happen anyway.

Are you a huge fan of one of the UK’s national football teams? Do you want to see Lewis Hamilton win the current or upcoming Formula 1 season? Feel free to add a bet or two to kind of support your favourites financially as well! That is what this hobby is all about!

A real way to make money

Okay, the things that I am going to talk about now should be taken with a grain of salt. The fact of a matter is, however, that you could actually make some real money by making some smart choices with your sports betting. Unlike slots and table games, betting on sports can actually become a real means to make money, and there are some people in the world who even do it for work.

Yup, some people actually manage to jump out of the daily 9-to-5 grind and instead make their money by betting on sports teams and athletes that actually get things done.

While quitting your day job might sound like something that you would be interested in, please note that many people have tried and failed miserably. So, instead of going all guns blazing on your new great hobby, just start by cautiously trying your luck and start making bets with your brain instead of your heart! People who only bet on matches that they are watching anyway and make wagers on teams that they love will mostly only lose money because feelings tend to cloud your judgement. Alas, the actual pros who know their sh*t might even throw in a bet that goes against their heart of hearts just because they know that the odds are high enough for that! After all, money knows no love!

All in all, the best betting sites might end up winning against you more than you do against them, but still, at least you know that there is no magic trick or an unbeatable and inherent house edge that will make it impossible for you to win in the long run! Instead, it is actually your lack of skill that might do you in, but even then you could always get better!

If you are into trying your luck with betting on sports, try some of the betting sites listed on this site. I have gathered some of the greatest names in the business here, which should be more than enough for you to start right now!

Just keep your head straight and your feelings in check, okay?

Stacy xoxo