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This is Stacy here, ready to increase your wins, to absolve your sins, and to gift you with hundreds of free spins! As you can see, I have both the gift of gab and the skills to rap! Don’t agree with me? Well, I don’t give a crap! Okay, I think I might have flown off the handle a wee bit there, but I hope you do not blame me for that. It is simply free spins that made me do it! I am an actual nut for free spins and have been for quite some time. If you are a very good boy or girl, I might even end up telling you later why I love free spins so much!


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What are free spins

I sometimes think about what kind of people read my Online Casino UK website. I would think that it is mostly people who are already experienced with online casinos and are just looking for great welcome offers to sink their teeth into. Perhaps this is the case. At the same time, I do think that even new and inexperienced players might find their way here looking for some great tips as to how to make some extra money by playing at online casinos sites.

The third group, then, would be those infatuated by my lovely persona and my incredibly entertaining way of writing. This would be the largest group of my readers by far, I think…

Be it as it may, I think I should tell you about what free spins are. They are actually spins that have been prepaid for you! That is about it, but we will go into further detail in the next few paragraphs. Bear with me, mates!

Where can I find my free spins

Ah, right. That is a good question, which must be why I myself wrote it…

There are three places where your free spins might go:

  1. In a rewards section of some sort. You might have to go and activate your free spins, after which you will be taken to your free spins game..
  2. Straight to the games themselves. Some casinos will make it so that once you open the game that your free spins are on, you will instantly get to play your free spins. Thus, there might not be a chance to play the game with your own bets before you have used up your free spins.
  3. You are forced to use your spins straight away. I have even seen some sites that force you to use your free spins straight after you receive them. This means that you will have to start your wagering incurred from your spins immediately as well. More on this soon!

Free spins keep your winnings or need to wager?

There is something very important that you should know. Nowadays, in the UK, you can only call your spins free if there are no wagering requirements in place whatsoever! Thus, every time that you are being promised free spins, they should indeed be free and you can keep your winnings! Otherwise these spins will be called extra spins, which in turn tend to come with just about the same kind of wagering requirements as normal deposit bonuses do.

There is one thing, though, that makes your free spins wagering different from your usual bonus shtick. That is the fact that you will have to wager your winnings—not your spins, per se. In other and less convoluted words, the more you win, the higher your wagering requirements will be! Thus, it would be better to start hustling and winning big only after you have moved onto your wagering and not when you are building yourself a wall to climb over!

Why I love free spins A LOT

It is getting pretty dang late and dark outside, which means that I will soon have to call it a night and get some of that always important beauty sleep, but I still have one thing that I want to write about, and that is my own affinity to free spins.

You see, I used to think that free spins are kind of useless. Oftentimes they come with high wagering requirements and are only worth the minimum bet, which does not really usually allow you to win all that much. However, I once had an extremely pleasant experience with free spins…

It was one of my gaming nights and I had just wasted some money on slots and did not win anything. I only had a few free spins left on the NetEnt slot Finn and the Swirly spin and managed to win a few pounds’ worth. Then, I would bet those few pounds on the same game and win about 15 pounds. After this, I went on to play Yggdrasil’s Seasons, which is nowadays one of my ultimate favourites!

Well, it just so happens that I got a huge win and ended up withdrawing about 400 pounds! I will never forget this as I was already feeling very much down and out before using those free spins and getting a new leash on my gaming life that day!

Oh, and don’t forget that you can even get free spins no deposit, which could make you win some money like I did but without having to lose any of your own actual money before! It doesn’t get a lot better than that!

Stacy xoxo

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One of the most popular casinos in the United Kingdom. Massive game collection and big sports section.
Bet365 is the biggest online sports book in the world. They offer more bets than anyone else, and they also have a great o...